Gifts to Surprise Your Groom with on the Wedding Day | Las Vegas Wedding Planner

When it comes to the wedding day often it’s easy to forget that it’s not just the brides that are into wedding day gifts – a surprise gift for the groom on the morning of the wedding will surely be well received. The exchange can be intimate and unannounced but if you are comfortable I recommend having your photographer capture the moment so that you can look back at the special moment in the future. 

Don’t forget ladies, its his day too! Here are a few of my top picks for grooms’ gifts!

Photo by: Kristen Joy 
A nice bottle of Scotch!
Photo by: J. Anne Photography 
A few special items from Scotland ( Where the groom is originally from) . 
Photo by: Gin & Sake  
A pocket watch for the groom and groomsmen.
Photo by: The Light and The Love 
Matching Rolex watches and cufflinks. 
Photo by: Moxie Studios 
custom engraved gift set.  ( The quality and price is amazing, this engraved box set was only $24.99. Great for groomsmen gifts as well!) 
Photos Courtesy of Groovy Guy Gifts 
A boudoir photo book the bride had made with a note that read ” I can’t wait to marry you”. 
Photo by: The Delauras 
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